Devolución de la tela a los taburetes de bar

In recent years we've witnessed a revival in furniture design, with an increasing number of seating upholstered in fabric. Having a significant impact on contemporary decor, they've become a popular alternative to the real or faux leather bar stools and chairs that have dominated the market for numerous years.


   The return of fabric first became prominent amongst dining chairs, and evidence suggests that bar stools are starting to follow suit. Reasoning for this could be that more people are using their domestic bars as their main dining space as opposed to simply a casual breakfast area. Additionally, an increasing number of restaurants are now using bar tables as dining tables, meaning a more formal style of high seat is required.


  We have a wide variety of woven seat designs featuring  patterns, as well as a huge number of more minimal shades. From the wooden  bar areas with its comfortably padded seat, to the Drift adding a touch of contemporary class, it seems that fabric is most definitely here to stay.